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A seed gives birth to a sapling, just like a vision that comes from insight. And like fertile grounds that nourish a mammoth tree, so also fertile ideas nourish the soul of an enterprise that envisions making this world a greener place.

We at Green Planet Saurabh Nursery nurture nature through innovative methods and professional approach in the field of floriculture, horticulture, landscaping and garden management, including conservation and preservation of natural habitats.

Green Planet Saurabh Nursery

Green Planet Saurabh Nursery offers a huge plant and flower section with varieties from all over the world. We go that extra length to ensure that each of its creations is professionally maintained and preserved. Strictly adhering to organic manure, only exclusive and expansive green houses are raised to protect saplings and other sensitive plants from extreme climatic conditions. We offer doorstep services for Landscaping, Garden Consultancy/ Maintenance, Farm Management, etc. at anywhere in India. We have executed several projects at North Indian States of UP, Delhi and Punjab.
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Flowers and Fruits

Ranging from the perennial flowers, gardening, ornamental and indoor plants we also have palms, fruit plants and water plants. Some of our products include Rhapis, roses and water lilies of various colours, rooted cuttings of marigold, dahlia, cycads, flower seedlings, lawn grass, hybrid mangoes, coconuts and bananas grown with tissue culture.

Medicinal Plants

India’s ancient science of natural healing, Ayurveda finds its rightful place at Phulwari. We have perhaps the largest varieties of herbs, plants and trees collection in UP. We undertake contracts for mass cultivation of medicinal plants, which includes everything, from sourcing to cultivation and post-cultivation care, etc.

Tabletop landscapes

This unique concept at GPS NURSERY adds touches of green to your interiors. These landscapes bring a whole village in to your drawing room, through its miniature plantations and lawns, dotted with other slice-of-life elements, right over a table

Latest Updates

U.P. Biggest Flower Show Venue:- Governor House, Lucknow
Date:- 23rd - 24th February 2013
Description:- Display of new, unique & rare flowers Visit at Green Planet Saurabh Nursery on STALL NO.1

Herbal Garden Inaugration ceremony by Hon.

Plantation of Aishwarya Guava Plant by Padam shri Kallimullah
Plantation of 5000 plants at Babaganj-Kursi (Barabanki)
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